The TilThermometer

Spanish and Hungarian TilThermometer!

The TilThermometer©, by LOCOmotion, can be used to assess and monitor the size and type of exposure to occupational physical load of healthcare workers, the physical care load-level resulting from their patients, monitor the implementation of preventive policies and point to weak spots that need improvement. This can be done at different levels: team, department, facility or care group level.

An assessment with TilThermometer can also be done online. Therefore we have some idea of how many people use TilThermometer. At the moment there are 45.000 unique users.

Because the TilThermometer is practical and reliable, we see an increasing international interest in the tool. After an English, Dutch and Swedish version, we are proud to support the Spanish and Hungarian version. We are working on a French and a Lithuanian version. Have a look at tilthermometer.

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Monitoring the effects of the ergonomic convenants for workers in Dutch health care. Proceedings IEA2006 Congress, Elsevier Ltd, 2006. J.J.Knibbe, N.E.Knibbe. Link to pdf file