eUlift continues expansion of existing eHealth application lifting patient handling techniques for caregivers

After the successful launch of the first version of the eUlift app, we are currently expanding the existing application. The current app consists of a free e-book with a theoretical reference work: foundations, basic principles of back-friendly handling and ergonomics, detailed postures and lifting handling techniques.

The application will be expanded with a particular module for transfer techniques for obese patients. Due to the increase of overweight patients, the workload and, as a consequence, the absenteeism of caregivers increases considerably. With the new module, we want to advise caregivers to apply the proper techniques to increase their workload and reduce absenteeism among caregivers. Because of the expansion we have added a ‘+’ behind the brand name.

What can you expect from eUlift+?
Another revolutionary app uses an assessment tool to present the correct technique to move the obese patient, further extending the current module with aids and an extension of the web app is available without downloading the app.

Besides the app, we are also developing an interactive e-learning platform that caregivers can consult with handy tips and the latest scientific insights.

The eUlift app is funded by the European Commission through an Erasmus+ programme. A team of professionals from 5 different European countries are working on the application.